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UK Company Explores the True Cost of Presentations in Business Today

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Olivia Roberts
Eyeful Presentations Ltd
Desford Hall
Leicester Lane

Countless hours spent tweaking slides…
Days wasted recreating existing presentation content…
An estimated 30 million PowerPoint presentations created every day…

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Leicester, UK, June 18, 2019 – Business leaders like Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos have publicly bemoaned the impact of poor presentation practice in their businesses, laying the blame for meandering meetings, mixed messages and wasted time firmly at PowerPoint’s door. Despite these high-profile naysayers, presentations remain a constant feature in businesses of all sizes…and a continued drain on resources.

UK based company Eyeful Presentations is launching an international survey to measure the financial cost of presentations in business today. How much of the working week is spent creating presentations? How is this time spent – designing slides or collating content? How many organisations now employ presentation specialists vs. each member of staff creating their own slides?

You can access the online survey here.

Survey data will be collated, analysed and shared with global business leaders as part of the Eyeful Insights thought-leadership programme.

Companies are increasingly turning to the likes of Eyeful for their high stakes presentations – pitch meetings, conferences, investor communications – but continue to absorb huge volume of other presentation types internally. We’re fascinated to understand more about the impact this has on productivity and the bottom line.

Simon Morton, Managing Director, Eyeful Presentations

About Eyeful Presentations

Since 2004, Eyeful Presentations has built an enviable reputation as a world leader in the business of presentations.

Through expert research, testing and innovation, they help blue chip clients across the globe get the very best from their business presentations. This is achieved by implementing their proven Presentation OptimisationTM and Blended PresentingTM methodologies to ensure that every presentation has a clear, engaging story, a strong call to action and stunning design.

Their UK HQ is the home of Eyeful Labs, Europe’s only dedicated center of presentation excellence and is the base for Eyeful’s consultancy and training practice alongside a European team of dedicated presentation designers and digital practitioners.

For more information about this survey or around the topic of business presentations, please contact Olivia Roberts at +44 (0)1455 826390 or send a message.

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