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Eyeful Presentations Launches Eyeful Insights Journal

Clear Communication Is Now A Leadership Imperative – Eyeful Insights Journal To Direct The C-Suite To New Presentation Thinking.

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Leicester, UK, May 15, 2018– Eyeful Presentations, a leading presentation design consultancy and the people behind the internationally acclaimed book The Presentation Lab, announce the launch of their annual Eyeful Insights Journal.

Presentations are a key tool in the C-Suite communication toolkit, yet widely misunderstood and too often seen as a process to be run by junior team members rather than embraced by business leaders.

Indeed, Harvard Business Review highlights effective and powerful communication as a key leadership skill. The logic is simple – when audiences are moved, they take your idea and share it with their peers. They not only understand your vision for your company but then follow and deliver upon that message. In short, great presentations are now a leadership imperative.

The aim of the Eyeful Insights journal is simple – to act as a source of inspiration for business leaders across the entire presentation gamut; from crafting a powerful story, identifying a key message, developing creative visuals, right through to how the story is delivered.

There’s one recent rather disturbing trend that we’re witnessing across a range of organisations – leaders are not engaging with the presentation process as efficiently as they should. This poses a huge threat – not only do leaders set the ‘presentation culture’ within an organisation, but they are also under unprecedented pressure to deliver to increasingly diverse and demanding audiences. It’s imperative that leaders take this challenge more seriously. We hope that this annual sharing of knowledge, experience and insights will help drive the quality of leadership communication going forward.

– Simon Morton, Eyeful’s CEO and founder, said of the release of The Eyeful Insights Journal

About Eyeful Presentations

Since 2004, Eyeful Presentations has built an enviable reputation as a world leader in the business of presentations.

Through expert research, testing and innovation, they help blue chip clients across the globe get the very best from their business presentations. This is achieved by implementing their proven Presentation OptimisationTM and Blended PresentingTM methodologies to ensure that every presentation has a clear, engaging story, a strong call to action and stunning design.

Their UK HQ is the home of Eyeful Labs, Europe’s only dedicated center of presentation excellence and is the base for Eyeful’s consultancy and training practice alongside a European team of dedicated presentation designers and digital practitioners.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Olivia Roberts at +44 (0)1455 826390 or send a message.

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