YOUpresent Software Helps Censeo Consultants Build Better PowerPoint Presentations

YOUpresent PowerPointCustom-built PowerPoint add-in streamlines the presentation creation process and supports consistent firm-wide usage of Censeo’s PowerPoint standards.

Contact Person: Jamie Garroch – CEO
YOUpresent Ltd.
5 Arborfield Road
Shinfield, RG 29DY
United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom: YOUpresent has teamed up with Censeo Consulting Group to create DeckPro to simplify the presentation creation process and ensure that all presentations are in line with Censeo’s PowerPoint standards and visual brand.

DeckPro is a custom PowerPoint add-in built on the existing SwiftPrez product from YOUpresent and provides Censeo consultants with a suite of tools to streamline the presentation creation process.

DeckPro enables users to access a centrally maintained and synchronized library of branded assets such as icons, charts, slide layouts and illustrations directly from the PowerPoint ribbon, and automatically checks finished presentations for compliance with company style guides.

Content administrators can manage both Censeo and client-branded templates on a server, and push changes to all users’ PCs to ensure firm- wide accessibility of the latest version. Consultants can then easily switch between different templates, and all custom layout designs automatically adjust to the selected template. DeckPro also provides buttons for quick access to a Censeo style guide or email support, as well as a range of proofing workflow tools.

Evan Hodges-LeClaire, an Associate at Censeo Consulting Group and Censeo’s lead for the development, said: “PowerPoint presentations are the primary medium we use to convey information to clients, and our consultants spend a significant portion of their time crafting them. We recognized the potential to streamline and improve this process, and YOUpresent was the perfect partner to help us do so. Thanks to the PowerPoint add-in they developed for us, our consultants can now create better presentations in a fraction of the time it used to take.

“Companies with large numbers of PowerPoint users often struggle to manage templates and asset libraries effectively, and productivity and consistency suffer as a result,” said Jamie Garroch, CEO of YOUpresent. “Many are unaware of the almost limitless customization options that PowerPoint add-ins can provide, but Censeo saw the potential. We are very pleased to have been able to help Censeo streamline and improve the presentation building experience for its employees.”

About Censeo

Censeo is a strategy and operations consulting firm focused on helping mission-driven organizations strengthen their management and operational capabilities to achieve social and public impact. Censeo uses a proven approach that combines expertise and analytical acumen with a strong focus on stakeholder collaboration and client impact to drive dramatic results and organizational improvements. Learn more at

About YOUpresent

YOUpresent is a PowerPoint add-in development and design agency. The company offers presentation software apps (also called add-ins or plug-ins) and design services that simplify the presentation creation process and help clients deliver their messages more efficiently. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the company serves clients globally. For more information, visit

Duarte Releases Commercial for ‘Presofest’

Duarte Logo 2013Duarte Presofest, a fictitious presentation-themed music festival promises music ‘from over 40 bands, coming at you in mind-blowing 96 dpi.’

Contact Person: Eric Albertson – Director of Instructional Design and Innovation
755 N. Mary Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
United States

Sunnyvale, California, United States: Last week Duarte released the commercial for PRESOFEST, a fictitious presentation-themed music festival. The festival, to be held at the Outline View Auditorium in Baskerville, features bands such as Broken Macro, Prezihurl, Final_Final_v11, Presentonix, One Transition, Boilerplate and more.

Viewers will recognize many presentation and business references in the video, including: staying up late the night before a presentation, laser pointers, broken Shockwave Flash objects and eating leftover conference room food.

This commercial is one of Duarte’s several humor-based expressions celebrating the presentation industry. For example, Duarte’s corporate puppets, Bob Solete and Finn O’Vation, regularly release presentation-themed webisodes in the style of Sesame Street. (“The ABCs of creating great presentations, told with a bit of humor, a bit of advice, and maybe a monster or two.”) All episodes can be viewed at

The commercial, a collaboration of Duarte designers, content developers and multimedia artists, was created as part of the company’s short film development initiative—an ongoing, company-wide project called Duarte Specials—and premiered at the company’s short film showcase, Film Bites, last week.

Whether you are a presentation nerd, client lunch leftover thief, or just need a business-related excuse for watching videos on YouTube, check out the commercial for Presofest!


About Duarte

Duarte helps top organizations tell compelling stories — from keynotes on the big stage to everyday presentations — through content development, visual design, and speaker coaching, and also teach storytelling and design skills through best-selling books and workshops.

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Announcing the 2016 Presentation Summit User Conference

The Presentation Summit is the place to learn best practices, network with like-minded professional peers, and become part of an amazing, supportive community..

Presentation Summit Logo

Contact Person: Rick Altman – Principal
R. Altman & Associates
1423 Harvest Road
Pleasanton, CA 94566

Pleasanton, USA: Creating successful presentations is about more than just software. It is about crafting sharp messages, creating intelligent presentation design, employing smart PowerPoint techniques, and developing comfort before an audience.

The Presentation Summit offers all of this at levels you won’t find anywhere else. We deliver insight, inspiration, and community to create a conference experience that you will remember forever. Our breadth of coverage, depth of expertise, willingness to help, and passion for creating engagement all add up to a business conference that is completely unlike any other.

The Presentation Summit enters its 14th season as we make our first visit to Las Vegas, October 23-26, 2016. Spend three days with us and never look at a presentation project the same way again. Three days and immediately distinguish yourself from 99% of the people creating or delivering presentations today.

Nancy Duarte at the Presentation Summit

Nancy Duarte, CEO of Duarte, Inc., the largest Silicon Valley design firm, and a 2016 Presentation Summit keynote speaker, explains why the Summit is so special:

It is always such a rewarding experience to attend the Presentation Summits. When you get so many people together at once, all of whom having so much passion for what they do, that creates an energy that you can’t replicate elsewhere. I love that environment and am excited to be able to return to it.

Visit the website to learn more about the Presentation Summit and register today!

About the Presentation Summit

The Presentation Summit, making the world a better place, one presentation at a time.

Veodin invents SlideProof PowerShapes and makes shapes interactive

Tired of changing colors of traffic lights and Harvey Moons? PowerShapes let’s you build and use interactives shapes such traffic lights, harvey moons, star ratings and many more..

Veodin Logo
Contact Person: Jan Mechtel – Managing Director, head of product
Veodin Software
Rudolf-Schwar-Strasse 30
10407 Berlin

Berlin, Germany: Veodin releases PowerShapes – consultant’s new PowerPoint secret!

Veodin PowerShapes

Editing static shapes is time-consuming and the results are not always consistent, that’s why Veodin developed PowerShapes in collaboration with a Big 4 auditing firm.

Learn more about PowerShapes here or try them yourself with a free trial of SlideProof!

The dynamic PowerShapes changes stage in just one click which makes the ideal for use in a wide variety of presentations where fast editing is required.

Veodin PowerShapes

Main benefits:

  • Wide usability – Choose between a wide variety of dynamic shapes like Harvey Balls, check marks and process shapes.
  • Toggle shapes – PowerShapes’ dynamic capability makes it easy to toggle through shape stages in just one click.
  • Customization – Create your own PowerShapes, see the video embedded below to see how it’s done!

About Veodin

Veodin Software is a German software engineering company committed to manufacturing world class productivity tools for its customers in management consulting, banking and auditing. Millions of office workers rely on software to get their work done. We help users and software understand each other better. Key to that is our focus on users’ needs and behavior.

PresentationPoint Adds 6 New Data Providers to PowerPoint

A data provider retrieves data from data sources to display information in real-time in PowerPoint.

PresentationPointContact Person: Kurt Dupont – Owner
Lanklaarsesteenweg 31
3665 As

As, Belgium: PresentationPoint Adds 6 New Data Providers to DataPoint for PowerPoint. It will be released on July 1, 2016.

PresentationPOINT Connections

New data providers are:

  • Facebook page: show number of likes, check-ins, been heres etc.
  • News (RSS) retrieves any RSS news feed with images and copies the featured images locally for displaying it on your slides with the best performance.
  • Weather info: enter your city/state or country and display current weather condition, minimum and maximum temperatures, forecasts for the next days and weather icons included as well.
  • Google Calendar: connect to your Google Calendar and display your appointments and events in real-time on your information screen via a PowerPoint slide show.
  • Google Sheets: connect your charts and tables to online cloud data of Google Sheets. Use a browser or smartphone to update the data of your spreadsheet and have it displayed in real-time on your monitor or television screens.
  • Microsoft SharePoint: a connectivity layer to your SharePoint server where you can display the content of SharePoint lists in real-time on your screen.

About PresentationPoint

PresentationPoint builds software for information screens and digital signage software for companies worldwide. Information screens can be used in companies, exhibitions, school etc, to inform and motivate personnel and visitors with live information.

PresentationPoint Announces Dynamic LIKES

Use PowerPoint to display the number of Facebook Likes.

PresentationPointContact Person: Kurt Dupont
Lanklaarsesteenweg 31
3665 As

As, Belgium: PresentationPoint releases Dynamic LIKES for Microsoft PowerPoint. It will be hitting the shelves on June 27, 2016.

Promote Your Facebook Page with Dynamic Likes. Dynamic LIKES is a PowerPoint add-on from PresentationPoint: enter the Facebook URL of your choice and display the number of likers in real-time on your computer or television screens. Often you see a hand-written or printed sheet at a shop or restaurant, where they ask to like their Facebook page for more promotions and company news.
This piece of paper is now replaced by a computer with a screen when you display this info in real time, next to for example opening hours of the shop, actual promotions, and other infotainment. When a viewer likes the Facebook page, the likes counter will be updated in real-time and the visitor will get positive feedback. You will definitely get more likes with this system!

PresentationPoint Dynamic LIKES

About PresentationPoint

PresentationPoint builds software for information screens and digital signage software for companies worldwide. Information screens can be used in companies, exhibitions, school etc, to inform and motivate personnel and visitors with live information.

OfficeReports launches new tool for turning Excel® data into PowerPoint® infographics

With the newly released version 6, OfficeReports has added a ‘Link’ menu in PowerPoint, taking linking between Excel and PowerPoint to the next level.

OfficeReportsContact Person: Torben Laustsen
OfficeReports ApS

Copenhagen, Denmark: OfficeReports, a reporting tool within the Microsoft Office suite, just released a new version by June 1st, 2016 adding functionality to link data from Excel ranges to PowerPoint tables, charts, and shapes. Compared to other tools solving some of the problems with the linking functionality provided by Microsoft itself, OfficeReports adds some unique functionality: By linking the background colors from Excel, OfficeReports introduces ‘conditional formatting’ for native PowerPoint tables and charts. Specific texts in Excel can be linked as logos in PowerPoint, and specific background colors as icons. Besides linking data to tables and charts, it is also possible to link data to shapes.

Fred Balkenende, Co-Founder and Chief System Architect says: “In almost all cases, the data presented in a PowerPoint presentation originates from an Excel workbook. OfficeReports “Link’ tool introduces a new way for creating advanced PowerPoint infographics.”

Torben Laustsen, CEO of OfficeReports says: “Without having to compromise on the layout, updating monthly reports will only take minutes using OfficeReports. Besides saving time, the automation results in a higher quality due to less human errors.”


OfficeReports is provided as a simple download, adding a ‘Link’ menu to PowerPoint, and an ‘Analytics’ menu to Excel. The presentations and workbooks produced using OfficeReports are just ordinary presentations and workbooks, and can be shared freely with any other Microsoft® Office user.



A short video introduces the new ‘Link’ solution.

More examples in our new blog: OfficeReports Blog

About OfficeReports

OfficeReports provides add-ins for Microsoft Office that simplifies visualization of Excel data in PowerPoint.

PresentationPoint Announces Dynamic PICTURES

PresentationPointContact Person: Kurt Dupont
Lanklaarsesteenweg 31
3665 As

As, Belgium: PresentationPoint has created Dynamic PICTURES for Microsoft PowerPoint. It will be hitting the shelves on June 1, 2016.

Dynamic PICTURES is a PowerPoint add-on from PresentationPoint: use a normal picture box as a picture slider on your slide. Just insert a picture box on your slide and link it to one or more folders with images. When you run the slide show, it will display all of its images. Like an image frame with rotating images for e.g. advertising. During the slideshow, you can add and remove pictures from the folders.

This product brings picture sliders as we know them on a website, to PowerPoint. You don’t have to stop a running slide show to update your pictures. You can use PowerPoint as a live image frame.

This product is ideal for advertising and live events.

About PresentationPoint

PresentationPoint builds software for information screens and digital signage software for companies worldwide. Information screens can be used in companies, exhibitions, school etc, to inform and motivate personnel and visitors with live information.

Has a Cambridge University Student Saved the World from ‘Death by PowerPoint’?

With even the most professional PowerPoint presentations sending boardrooms to sleep in minutes, has Gavin Wedell developed the ultimate hand-drawn wakeup pill?

Cambridge, United Kingdom -– Having sat through dozens of mind-numbing PowerPoint presentations during his time at Cambridge University, Gavin Wedell knew something had to be done about it. Putting his skills and entrepreneurial streak to use, Gavin today announces the launch of the Doodleslide plugin for Microsoft PowerPoint and Word.

Containing over 400 creative hand-drawn images and 100 versatile slide templates, the plugin is a saving grace to professionals, educators and students who want to create engaging, interesting and original PowerPoint presentations.

“Being hand-drawn, the images and templates go against the boring norm of sleek ‘corporate’ looking presentations. They are quirky and appear more authentic. They’re vastly more memorable than typical slides. They also fit into the new paradigm of presenting that suggests that it is increasingly important to use more immersive visual communication in order to best get ideas across” says Gavin, discussing his creation.

He continues, “The images and slide templates are extremely easy to insert into presentations and documents as the Doodleslide plugin integrates two new buttons on the ‘insert’ menu of Microsoft Office.”

Gavin first got the idea for Doodleslide while enduring many a boring presentation and lecture. Often finding himself drawing cartoons pertaining to the lecture he was sat in, he found his class mates and even lecturers requesting copies.

After realising just how powerful these drawings could be at communicating complex ideas, he decided to share them with the world through the development of Doodleslide.

All images were produced in high resolution and contain transparent backgrounds to allow them to be integrated into presentations of any style.

Regular PowerPoint users will be aware of a myriad of other images available. When quizzed to as to why his are different, Gavin was confident in his response:

“With over 40 million PowerPoint presentations delivered daily, three quarters of which are likely to be no more interesting than the bus ride to work, my aim was to create 100% original and visually stunning images and templates that ensure those watching not only stay awake, but are visually engaged and absorb the information being given to them” he says.

The Doodleslide Plugin for PowerPoint & Word available at and is currently on sale for $24.95 (USD).

About Gavin Wedell

Gavin Wedell is a University of Cambridge MBA student. Following his MBA, Gavin plans to specialise in improving the quality of business education through his consultancy Better Business Learning, which will be based in London.

Prior to his MBA studies, during his five-year career as a corporate trainer, Gavin designed and facilitated management development programmes for leading MNCs including Diageo, Ferrero and Vodafone.

He was named the 2009 ‘Gold Young Learning Leader’ and managed the national training group that was named the 2010 ‘Best Training Team’ by the Training Australia Magazine.

Gavin is due to graduate with his MBA from the University of Cambridge Judge Business school at the end of April. He also holds a Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology, Sydney as well as a Bachelor of Science (with honours in Psychology) from the University of New South Wales.

High res images are available at


Gavin Wedell
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